Beat Brain Fog

Brain fog is a familiar feeling for all of us whether it manifests as the failure to produce a word mid sentence, the inability to absorb new information or the struggle to sit and focus. Most the time that is not an innate cognitive incompetence, it is the sign of a poor cognitive environment. 

Lifting of this brain fog & full utilisation is therefore entirely possible & often simple. The largest causes of brain fog and the most common fixes are:

Poor sleep

  1. Prioritise sleep & enforce a routine.
  2. Create a good sleep environment: clean, cool, comfortable, dark & quiet.
  3. Restrict alcohol & caffeine consumption.
  4. Utilise supplements: CBD, valerian, 5HTP, melatonin precursors.


  1. Avoid fried & processed foods.
  2. Limit sugar, vegetable oil, dairy & caffeine.
  3. Increase consumption of turmeric, olive oil, fatty fish & leafy vegetables. 
  4. Improve gut health: Vite Flora.

Lacking nutrients

  1. Consume balanced Omega fatty acids daily: fatty fish, algae, chia & supplements.
  2. Consume Choline: eggs, beef liver, nuts & supplements.
  3. Consume MCT's: coconut, dairy & supplements.
  4. Utilise Nootropic stacks: Vite Brain.


  1. Increase gentle exercise & reduce rigorous exercise.
  2. Breath-work & meditation practices.
  3. Restrict alcohol & caffeine consumption.
  4. Supplements: CBD, tryptophan & adaptogenic herbs.

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